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Cobi Moon / Residential Units

Please help build a new place for me to call home...  Thanks Cobi
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    Elizabeth Bengochea

    $256.34 / 1071 days ago

    Congrats Cobi!!!! This is so wonderful - I'm happy to be a part of your team :)

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    Mary Beth Garcia

    $153.75 / 1102 days ago

    Privlidge and honor to support you Cobi Moon 🌙 in supporting Lotus House!

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    $50.00 / 1128 days ago

    What a wonderful thing you are doing in memory of such a beautiful girl.

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    Cobi Moon

    $10.00 / 1128 days ago

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    Barbara Simmonds

    $50.00 / 1137 days ago

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    Lori Baumel

    $51.25 / 1144 days ago

    So proud of all the great work you all do. You're building more than a home, brick by brick - you're building a life for each family.

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    Diana Lopez

    $150.00 / 1144 days ago

    Thank you for inspiring and putting so much heart into everything that you do! We hope to continue watching this journey and see you surpass your goal! Love, Agora of Flint + Spark

About Aspire To Inspire

 As many of you know, since retiring from the Miami Fire Department, I have been a passionate advocate for the Lotus House Women’s Homeless Shelter. I have an amazing opportunity to truly make a difference in the redevelopment project that will remake the Lotus House into the Lotus Village! My goal is to donate a youth dorm unit in memory of my beautiful niece Sarah, who was a guest at the Shelter. This challenge will require me to raise $50,000! It is a big goal, yet for the best cause. Will you please help me honor Sarah and provide a room for a homeless youth? No donation is too small and please share with friends you know who may also want to help. I truly appreciate your consideration and support.

At Lotus Village, the minds, bodies, and spirits of women, youth and children are nurtured and supported to inspire and empower them to improve the quality of their lives on every level, achieve greater self- sufficiency, and build the foundation for a brighter future.

Your gift will help in my efforts to make dreams become reality for women and girls at the Lotus Village and I thank you for your support. There are so many ways to help:


For more information on Lotus House please click on Lotus House in upper left corner!

Warmest regards and great appreciation,


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