All Community & Activity Rooms on a Residential Floor

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About this Cause

Lotus Village will have four residential floors. Two for families and two for safe haven, elderly/medically needy, and youth. In each residential floor, we will have Community and Activity Rooms for our guests. Community rooms on each floor will be the primary shared gathering, “living” and recreational space for the dorm floor, a place to do homework or continuing education, read, learn, and engage in social activities. These rooms will include living room seating, computer stations, TV viewing, mini library, coffee/tea station, and in the case of the Families Program, a kitchen for making bottles and snacks and children’s play areas. In addition to serving as the heart of each residential program, the community room will provide space for specialized programming tailored to the needs and interests of those in each program, ranging from life skills and educational workshops to book clubs and birthday parties. To become the sponsor of the community and activity rooms on one residential floor, it costs $250,000. Each residential floor will have a plaque with the name of the donor(s) of the Community & Activity Rooms. Get together with a group of family members, friends, co workers, and find creative and ways to raise money for the Community & Activity Rooms for a residential floor! Run a marathon, dance, have a party... this is going to be life saving and life changing for the women, youth and children we serve!

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